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“When first introduced to Trish Retaleato I was experiencing chronic pain, literally, from the soles of my feet, up through my lower back, all the way to my neck. Six 50mg Tramadol pain killers along with prescription muscle relaxers were my daily companions. Now, after a few short months of massage with Trish, I feel 100% more relaxed and largely absent of any physical discomfort in these areas. In fact, today I take absolutely no Tramadol or prescription muscle relaxers. For massage that promotes relaxation and targets the body’s aches and pains, I can recommend, without hesitation,
Trish Retaleato.” -Anonymous


Google Review

“I visited Body Language for carpal tunnel problems that I was developing. Before my session, I was experiencing numbness in my fingers and pain in my wrist. This arose from long hours of typing and working in a lab.
Patricia performed a deep tissue massage to my wrist and arm. After one session, I was able to return to work typing for long hours, and I went home without feeling pain like I used to! I work with my hands, and I feel this has restored a vital part of my life that I need to survive. It's also a great relief because I'm now confident I won't have to get a wrist operation, which I was dreading the thought of.

Furthermore, Patricia was incredibly professional, prompt and knowledgeable about carpal tunnel syndrome. She gave me useful information that will help me on a daily basis such as stretches and good posture practices, and she showed me where my muscles and connective tissue are using a 3D computer model- all very impressive. She deeply cares about her work and invests herself in her patients. I'd strongly recommend her to anyone seeking help with painful conditions.” -Alvin


Thumbtack Review

“I’ve received massage therapy from Trish for over a year on a range of issues that include a chronic foot problem, a pulled back muscle and wellness spine and neck ‘tune-ups’. I find relief with every massage and increased range of motion after the spine and neck massage that I haven’t experienced in last 25 years. Trish is a valued member of my health team!” -Kris