MASSAGE  specialties

Drawing on years of experience working in an orthopedic rehabilitation clinic, we have implemented massage therapy in the prevention and treatment of various injuries, surgeries, and postural/habitual patterns.
Therapeutic massage is a broad category which includes the following modalities:

  • Swedish

  • Connective Tissue

  • Neuromuscular Therapy

  • Sports, & more

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Pregnancy massage at Body Language incorporates the use of our special 'bodyCushion', a set of body cushion bolsters made of high quality foam, specifically designed with peaks and valleys that support a growing pregnant body. The bolster system accommodates for side-lying, semi-reclining, and face-down positions. The positions utilized depend on the specific needs of the client and may differ from session to session. The use of secure body positioning and support allows the client to more fully settle in on the table and receive the maximum benefits of the massage. Our intention is to create more space and comfort, countering the effects of gravity and assisting the mother's changing body. 

Photo by KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock / Getty Images

Utilizing the most common positioning for pregnancy massage, side-lying, offers several advantages that traditional 'face-up' and 'face-down' positions can't. Side-lying massage is a comfortable, relaxing, and unique way to access the body's entire side-line. Massage in this position, is effective by creating and approaching different angles of the neck, shoulder + hip girdles, rib cage, and the inner + outer thighs. In side-lying, communication with the client is unobstructed and effortless. This position is also helpful for those who experience congestion or breast tenderness, and those who have been given bed restrictions. BLMT's side-lying massage incorporates the use of the bodyCushion support system. 

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