Massage Therapist  &  Owner of blmt


I attended the University of Florida and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology. I began my own study of the human body as an exercise specialist, helping people prevent, and rehabilitate, and manage, the symptoms resulting from various injuries, surgeries, illnesses and problematic postures. I then, attended The Florida School of Massage and graduated in 2015. After graduating, I began practicing massage therapy in a physical therapy office.  I continue to work with people from all types of diverse backgrounds and whose demands imposed on their bodies vary greatly including: office workers, construction workers, athletes, researchers, artists, runners, dancers, nurses, doctors, pregnant women, seniors, and college students.
While it brings me delight interacting with a broad range of people, my particular area of interest is in working with pregnant clients. I obtained the 32-hour MotherTouch™ Prenatal Bodywork Training & Certification with instructor Leslie Stager. By massaging expecting mothers, I am able to make a greater impact on the community at large; I can reach two people in one session! When a mother feels more comfortable in her body, throughout her pregnancy, she sends the message to her baby that all is well on the outside of the womb. 


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